08 August 2020

Master the Illusion

Illusion (noun)

1. something that deceives by producing a false or misleading impression of reality.
2. the state or condition of being deceived; misapprehension.
3. an instance of being deceived.

This post is a response to recent questions from Claude. It is being posted here for the benefit of all.

If you sincerely recognize that you are experiencing in an Illusion then you already have the Keys to Freedom in your hands. Recognizing that one is stuck in an Illusion should immediately raise the question: "If this is an illusion, then where is the Reality?".

Divine messengers of all ages have always brought the same message to humankind: In order to find the Reality, we must look within. Specifically, we must awaken the Spark of the Divine that sleeps within our Heart sanctuary. It is this Divine Spark that has an affinity with the True Reality that we seek. We must fan this Spark from an ember into a Flame.

The world as we experience it is "real", as far as it goes. Just as a dream seems"real" to us until we wake up. This dualistic nature-order is designed to stimulate our five senses, which then report the results to our consciousness. Conversely, the thoughts, feelings and actions of humanity stimulate the surrounding environment. Our consciousness then registers the responses. This is the world of "being". "Being" is a big part of the Illusion. "Not-being" is the state-of-consciousness that can free us from the Illusion. 

The core of the Illusion lies in the fact that human-beings have come to believe that we are separate from one another. Although externally we appear to be separate entities, in our deepest essence we are not. The sense of separation is something that has developed over many millions of years as the human life-wave slowly individualized itself on its involutionary journey into Matter. As a life-wave, we have now reached the end of our individualization process. It is time to gather up our myriad experiences, attributes, powers, etc. and pool them together for the sake of a unified humanity.

You mentioned that "This world is an illusion but a mental one. How can I free myself  from this world when I am still a part of the illusion?"  Well, recognizing the illusory nature of our existence is one of the first steps. It is, in fact, a major step. Next must come the understanding that the human-being is perfectly equipped and fully able to transcend this False Reality. How so?

Human-beings are twofold. We are simultaneously both mortal and immortal. The mortal part we are quite familiar with. The immortal part of us, the eternal Divine Spark, lives in the center of our microcosm, a region that corresponds to the location of the physical human heart. Only a small percentage of humanity are aware of the existence of this Immortal Seed. Our consciousness is so focused upon this temporary, mortal, False Reality that it is has become very difficult for us to locate and forge a link with the immortal part of our being. We must obtain the proper insight that will enable us to reactivate this Divine link.

An immediate step that can be taken  towards freedom from the Illusion is for one to adopt an attitude of detachment from the things of the world. Stop reacting to all of the stimuli that are thrown at you via your senses, the mass media and by other human-beings. It is our automatic knee-jerk reactions to everything that duality throws at us that keeps us on this merry-go-round, hanging on for dear life. 

  • Thoughts and feelings of fear, anger, sadness, envy, criticism, vanity, etc must be deleted from our mental and emotional life. 
  • The sense that we are the center of the world and all others are our enemy must be done away with. 
  • The desire to survive and protect ourselves (self-maintenance) at the expense of others must cease.
  • The recognition that humanity, as a life-wave is a brotherhood, must not only be completely understood and accepted, we must also live our lives in a manner that reflects this truth.
  • In every moment, we should ask ourselves: who am I serving in this moment? Myself, or humanity? Me, or the person in front of me, behind me, beside me?
These are the first steps. These are the new habits of thought and feeling that must be adopted by us and thoroughly lived if we wish to successfully walk the Path of Return, the Path of the True Way. A total change in our current way of living is an absolute requirement. It is this fundamental reversal that will stir the sleeping ember that is our Divine Spark and enable a new Fire to light our consciousness. 

Yes, we are a part of the Illusion and we do help to maintain it. In detaching ourselves from the Illusion we are able to move towards Freedom. Although we must continue to navigate this illusion and function within it, we can learn to do so without becoming attached to it. The attachments are what bind us to this False Reality and keep us locked up in a Prison of Consciousness. So, learn to be in the world, but not of the world. 

Insight hands you the Keys. Yearning leads you to the door of Freedom. Fundamental reversal and the surrender of the selfish self puts the Key in the lock. A New Attitude of Life turns the Key and opens the doors of our consciousness to the True Reality that we left behind long ages ago.

It can be done. We are all capable of accomplishing this. It is literally what we were born to do.

Rise Above the Illusion.

~ g

25 July 2020


This post is in response to questions recently posed by Claude.

My friend, you asked if i ever have any doubts? No, i do not have a shred of doubt in God's Plan or in the ultimate success of that Plan. Dei Gloria Intacta (The Glory of God is Unassailable). The Divine Plan is so well-designed that even when things look like they are going completely wrong, they are actually going according to plan. This world will be purified and reborn, as will all those who raise their vibration high enough to share in that purification process. The time-frame is not what we should be concerned about. Our task is to work tirelessly to bring about the necessary purification within ourselves.

When we are engaged in pleasant circumstances, we want the good times to continue for as long as possible.  Conversely, when we are caught up in unpleasant circumstances, it seems as if the misery will never end. These are natural reactions for the human-being. The best advice that can be given regarding the times that are now upon us is that we should adopt an attitude of Neutrality, Objectivity and Detachment from world affairs and personal interactions. If one can attain such a state of Detachment ("in the world but not of the world"), the rolling flood of negative world events will cease to have an effect upon us. We will begin to recognize that everything is happening exactly according to Plan.

Humanity has reached the end of a major world-cycle. This is not the first time that we have reached such a milestone. The so-called myths and legends of countless ancient civilizations all attest to periodic global conflagrations by Flood or Fire. Over time, these separate stories have been grouped together as a single story of a single Cataclysm. Such is not the case. Planetary cleansings take place on a periodic basis, like clockwork. Humanity has grown to fear such a cyclic cleansing as the "end" of the world. This is not entirely true.

These cyclic cleansings are actually twofold in nature: they represent both an Ending and a Beginning. Think of it this way: you have a house that is cluttered with trash and litter. The walls are caked in grime. The toilet is backed up and there are vermin everywhere. The house needs to be thoroughly cleaned inside and out, from top to bottom. During the process of cleaning the house, the mess will get a little worse before it gets better. As the trash is slowly removed from the house, the mice and other vermin will begin to scatter because their environment, their habitat, is being disturbed. The sight of these critters scrambling about can be disturbing. Just as the smells of mold, dust and rotting things can also be unsettling. One looks about the house and wonders "Will this mess ever be cleaned up?"

Yes, it will. This is how a cleansing must proceed. Things will always get a little worse before they get better. And so it is with our world today. What we are witnessing is the reaction of the Dark elements of this nature-order to the steady influx of Light. Like roaches in the night, they scatter when one hits the light switch. In desperation, the Dark is trying to thwart the Perfect Plan by heaping atrocity after atrocity upon humankind. This acceleration of negativity is actually a sign. It is proof that the Plan is nearing a climax. The Dark elements of this nature-order are throwing all that they have against this tide of Purification with only mixed results. Many people are awakening due to what they see taking place around the world. Thus, we see that these desperate, negative activities are actually serving to help a portion of sleeping humanity awaken from an ages-long slumber.

We are in the time of The Great Separation. As stated in the Holy Language, we are now separating the "sheep" from the "goats".  The "house" is being emptied of its "trash and vermin". Additionally, all of humanity is being given a final opportunity to choose which side they wish to be on when the curtain finally comes down on this Age: Darkness or Light. Many have already chosen Light and may now be growing a bit impatient as they wait for the promised transition of the Earth and humanity. In the meantime, the Darkness rages about us and it appears as if the "sheep" have been abandoned. We have not been abandoned. We have made our choice and must now wait for our straggling brothers and sisters to catch up. Patience is key here. Once a critical mass of accumulated Light is reached upon the planet, the Transition will begin.

In racing, there is the concept of a Start-Finish line. The same checkered line used to begin a race can also be used to end a race. In a similar vein, we are experiencing a time of Ending-Beginning, where the "End" is not just the end of an old dispensation but simultaneously the beginning of a new one.

All must take heart and navigate these times with Cheerfulness and Joy for all is going exactly according to Plan. Remember that in order to bake a cake, you have to break a few eggs.

"Rejoice and exult and add Joy to your Joy, for the Times are completed...Rejoice then, and exult, for ye are blessed before all fallen men of the earth".

~ g

02 June 2020

7.5 Billion-of-a-Kind

Take a look at the two skeletons depicted above. Can you tell what race these skeletons belonged to when they were coated with flesh? 

How about religion or nationality? 

  • Which one was rich and powerful in life and which one was poor and destitute?
  • Who was "good" and who was "bad"?
  • Who had blue eyes and whose eyes were brown?
  • The smart one? the stupid one?
Do you see where we are going with this?

Man's focus on our many perceived "differences" completely ignores the point that is being crudely illustrated by this post. We are of the same stock, not just in physical construction but in our underlying spiritual origins as well. We are a single human life-wave that is currently engaged in a foolish and tragic struggle against itself, lost in the illusion of Separateness.

~ g

No Worries

Stop worrying about death or how you will die. It will happen at its appointed time and there is not much that you will be able to do about it.

Please understand that the circumstances of our birth are planned long before we are even born. This includes who our parents will be, where we will be born, the time of birth, the position of the stars and planets at the time of our birth, which celestial body will be on the Ascendant at the moment of birth, what racial/national/religious identities we will take on in this life, etc. All of this is carefully planned in advance in order to set the life template for the personality about to be born. With this life template in place, the human-being sets out on his / her journey to find The One Truth.

Just as our Entrance into this world is meticulously planned, so too, is our Exit. The circumstances, means and time of death are put in place well in advance of the incarnation.

The so-called "accident" is not exempt from this planning. Because we are not aware of the Karmic back-story for any particular victim, we are led to believe that accidents are random tragedies. But what if the victim had been the cause responsible for a similar accident to another person in some past life? The Debt must be paid. The Lesson must be learned.

You've heard stories about soldiers who are spared while their entire company or platoon is devastated by enemy fire. Why does that happen? Because it is not that soldier's "time". This example can be applied to all of us.

So we should not waste any angst over how and when our incarnation will end. Instead, we must focus our attention on how we live. Because when we finally do "cross over" the first thing we will realize is that we are not "dead" at all, but very much alive.

And then we will have to answer for how we lived while in the physical body.

~ g

26 May 2020

Avoiding the "Second Death"

As indicated in the prior post, we, as specific and individual personalities, will cease to exist once we transition to the reflection-sphere and pass through a process of gradual dissolution. We will first drop the physical body, then the more subtle etheric, astral and mental bodies in turn. What remains from the life previously lived by the personality is:
  1. any new karma developed during the previous incarnation
  2. any powers, abilities or attributes developed during the previous incarnation
  3. a permanent record of all events that took place in the life just lived, every single second.
These life artifacts are stored in the lipika of the microcosm. The lipika is the terrestrial "higher self" and persists from one incarnation to the next. It is a continuous recorder.

At this point, the spherical microcosm has been emptied. The microcosm will then begin to make preparations to generate a new personality for the upcoming incarnation. This new personality will not be the "you" that walked the earth in the previous incarnation.
  1. The new personality will carry the karmic burden of "you" and all other personalities that preceded it in the microcosm. 
  2. The new personality will have a portion of the powers, abilities and attributes developed by previous personalities that were generated by the microcosm. 
  3. Except in extraordinary cases, the new personality will have no recollection of the events that took place in the lives previously lived.
When a person undergoes past-life regression, the person is usually able to gain access to the records of one or more of their past lives. The person will recognize himself or herself in action as a soldier, a priestess, a servant, etc. even though those entities will look nothing like the person does at present. That's because those personalities were all different, as indicated above. The person is accessing the records of the lipika, the terrestrial higher self, and is recognizing himself/herself in those prior personalities via that temporary linkage.

So, we find that it is the microcosm that is immortal. The human personality is mortal, temporary. It is the microcosm that must be rescued from this lower physical realm and it uses each new human personality as an agent to do so (see blogpost "Transplant" from October 2015).

Life after life, the microcosm creates new personalities composed of different combinations of karma, powers, attributes, etc., in an effort to generate a personalty that will be able to fight through the slog and mush of physical life and recognize the True Purpose of its existence. 

And what is that Purpose? To liberate the microcosm! To free the immortal microcosm from its ages-long imprisonment in the region of mortality! The task of every human personality is to answer the Call of the Divine Spark, a Call so subtle that it cannot be heard over the cacophony of earth-life. We must silence ourselves in order to "hear" this Silent Call. This is not simply a physical silence. By "silence", we mean establishing a daily attitude of Neutrality, Objectivity and a certain Indifference to all things earthly. 

When we cease to fully invest ourselves in the things of the world, the Divine part of us will begin to "speak". Faintly at first, then louder and louder. Gradually and harmoniously, the Rose of the Heart will begin to bloom. It will re-establish its link with the Divine Kingdom and those Divine energies will begin to flow in the microcosm. First, by way of the heart sanctuary, then the head sanctuary and finally the pelvic sanctuary. These three sanctuaries of the human personality will be purified by the Divine Bread of Life. That purification of the personality will extend to the entire microcosm. This process of transmutation and transformation will ultimately lead to a complete Transfiguration of the microcosm along with its current personality.

In the previous post we mentioned the "Second Death", which refers to the loss of all subtle bodies after-death and the total dissolution of the personality. When the goal of Transfiguration has been reached, the microcosm will no longer have to generate new personalities to incarnate on earth. The candidate who is able to complete this process of transformation, or even begin the process, will be the last personality developed by the microcosm. As stated in the Holy Language 
"He who overcomes I will make a pillar in the House of my Father, and he shall go out no more." Rev 3:12

This is the manner in which the Second Death can be avoided.

Awaken your Divine Spark, the Rose of the Heart, that which links you to the Divine Kingdom.

Renounce the world, and all the Matter therein.

Find the Path of Return, enter through the Narrow Gate.

Fulfill the Destiny that you were created to achieve.

Liberate your Microcosm and you will liberate yourself.

If we fail to execute and complete this Duty, our incarnation will have been in vain, no matter what measure of success, fame or riches we may have acquired during the life lived.

~ g

17 May 2020

Nobody "Dies"

Death is the ever-present specter that we all know is a part of this experience but are reluctant to contemplate, examine or try to understand. So, we push this inevitable event into a dusty corner of an abandoned basement in our mind and try not to visit that corner of the basement, ever.

This unreasonable fear of Death creates many difficulties for the human-being. For one thing, knowing that our lives are finite, that our lives have an expiration date, has an effect on the mental state of the human-being and the choices that he or she makes during the physical life. 

One person may take a fatalistic approach to life and throw all cares to the wind. "Eat, Drink and be Merry, for tomorrow, we die!" is how the saying goes.

Another person may fear this idea of Death so much that s/he will dedicate his/her life to religiosity and "churchianity", hoping that some phony posing as a mediator between man and God can "save" his/her soul.

Still another person may engage in occult practices so as to "escape" death by using the knowledge gained during physical life to unlawfully extend the after-death soul-life. In this way, these ones attempt to obtain a measure of immortality, even though they are well aware that this sham immortality comes at the direct expense of physical human-beings on earth.

All of these coping strategies are ultimately futile, because Death is part-and-parcel of what physical "Life" is all about. The Seventh Cosmic Domain, our physical universe, is a temporary nature-order. Everything constantly changes. Nothing is permanent, nothing is lasting. This law of impermanence applies to all physical forms and creatures, including Man.

Please take notice of the fact that "you" as a personality are a one-shot deal. "You" are mortal. It is your microcosm that is immortal. Upon the death of your present personality, the Life that vitalized the physical body is withdrawn. The individual chemical elements that compose the physical body no longer have the vital body to hold them together and so they begin to disorganize. These elements are slowly returned to the earth. Man calls this process decay.

To the physical eye, that's it. The body is lifeless and decaying, so the person is considered "dead". But that is not the case. The death of the physical body is only the first stage of a lengthy process of dissolution. The "deceased" human personality still has possession of his/her more subtle vehicles: the higher half of the etheric body plus the full astral and mental bodies). Each of these bodies must individually undergo a process of "letting go" in order for the deceased to advance through the so-called heaven-worlds. This process plays out in stages after-death.


While the deceased is in possession of the remains of the Etheric Body, he/she will still be attracted to the physical world. As long as deceased personalities do not let go of their attraction to the physical world, they will hang around the earth-plane. In brief, this is what explains the phenomena of so-called ghosts, spooks, shades, apparitions, poltergeists, earthbound spirits, etc. The process of losing this attraction to the physical world can take many years of our earth-time. Gradually, the deceased will lose interest in the physical world. He/she will drop the remains of the Etheric Body and obey the Call that attracts him/her to the next level of the hereafter: the Astral Plane.


The Astral Plane is sometimes referred to as the Desire World. That is because this plane is the realm of feelings and emotions. Here, the deceased has an opportunity to purge himself/herself of all earthly desires (food, drink, sex, violence, excitement, etc.). Before the deceased can move on to the next higher plane, the Mental Plane, he/she must successfully let go of all emotional attachments to the physical world. When this has been accomplished, the deceased drops the emotional body, the Astral body, leaving him/her with only the Mental Body, which accompanies him/her to the Mental Plane.

Note: these first two stages are where "churchianity" got the idea of "purgatory". Yes, there is a purging that is necessary before the deceased can move on to a higher existence after-death. That has been described for you in the foregoing passages. However, "churchianity" has twisted it all out of proportion in order to instill fear in the masses. There is no pain associated with this process except for the unrequited longing that the deceased imposes upon himself/herself when stubbornly refusing to let go of desires for physical plane phenomena that can no longer be experienced due to the lack of a physical body. For example, a deceased smoker can want "just one last cigarette" as much as he/she wants, they are not going to be able to experience that sensation again. They may try in different ways to get close to experiencing that sensation but the effort eventually proves to be more trouble than it is worth. After a shorter or longer period of earth-time, they lose interest and move on.


The deceased personality remains on the Mental Plane for the longest period of time in the post-mortem state. It is said that here is where abstract ideas and archetypes are contemplated. The deceased is able to work with mental matter and can use that matter to form any sort of construction that he/she wants. Here is where one sees sound and hears colors. Also, if there are any attributes that the personality wishes to improve upon prior to the next incarnation, here is where that work is done. Whether it is musicianship, athletic ability, public speaking, some invention or another, all things can be examined from the "inside-out" as it were, while on the Mental Plane. Attributes and abilities can be improved upon or perfected in this region.

This is also the region of the so-called heaven-worlds that is referred to as "The Summerland". The post-mortem existence in this region is reportedly quite pleasant and peaceful. However, at some point the personality must drop the Mental Body and leave this region as well.


So, what happens to the deceased personality once it has been divested of its three remaining subtle vehicles?  Well, the after-death experiences are stored in the lipika of the microcosm, adding to the collective experience obtained by all previous personalities that have been generated by the microcosm. The Mental Body dissolves and the deceased personality ceases to exist. This is referred to in the Holy Language as "the Second Death". The death of the physical human-being is "the First Death".

The following bears repeating: "you", as a personality, are a one-shot deal. "You" are mortal. It is your microcosm that is immortal. You, as a temporary personality, incarnate on earth via childbirth. You live the life-span allotted to you and transition out of physical life in the prescribed manner. You then pass through the after-death experience in the so-called "heaven-worlds" as we have just described. Ultimately, the remains of the mortal personality dissolve and the personality is no more.

The microcosm then prepares to generate a fresh personality for the next incarnation. This new personality will not be you, Mr. Smith or Ms. Smith. It will be a brand-new personality totally unrelated to who "you" were in the previous life. It may even be of the opposite sex. The only thing that this new personality will share with the previous personality will be the accumulated microcosmic karma as well as some of the attributes and abilities stored up in the lipika of the microcosm. The "you" that was will be erased, completely dissolved. The entire process takes about 1,000 earth-years, on average.


So, that's it? We're here and then we're gone? But what about reincarnation? What about the promise of eternal life? Well, a new personality does incarnate but, as mentioned above, that personality is not "you". It is the microcosm that persists from incarnation to incarnation. The human personality is a tool, a perfectly designed instrument that is tasked to fulfill a specific purpose while in physical incarnation: the Liberation of the microcosm.

We should also note that the promise of "eternal life" in the so-called heaven-worlds is a fallacy. The world's religions have intentionally misled mankind in that regard. There is no "eternal reward" for the ordinary human-being after-death.

This post is not meant to frighten or disturb you. It's purpose is to educate you. Fear of anything is the result of ignorance, of not-knowing. Once you know, fear dissipates like smoke in the wind.

The story does not end here. The next post will describe how we can avoid "the Second Death" and how we can become the final personality in our microcosm while obtaining a full share in its immortality.

~ g